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Core Values

We believe in people and people’s excellence. This is why we want to continuously work on developing people
We embrace change and think that organizations need to always adapt to change. This is why we offer innovative solutions for financial institutions
We strongly think that each company has its specific needs. This is why we propose highly customized programs that are tailor-made to each business environment
We put the client in the center of our business. This is why we do not compromise on quality.
We believe that knowledge should be shared. This is why our aim is to spread the knowledge so everyone benefits from it.


Auditing the Treasury Function

This seminar provides internal auditors with detailed insights as to the key risks that exist in the treasury cycle

Retail Lending

Consumer lending can be very profitable, due to the relatively high margins typically associated with these loans and the fees that banks often charge

The Banking Model - A Holistic Overview

October 29 & 30, 2015